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Kathy Boyd, you are a wonderful woman and I am so very glad you reached out to me to come to Faux Retreat! I am so very glad to call you friend, and not just on FB but in “real” life! ha :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your planning, answers to questions, sharing, driving, set-up, cooking, cleaning, laughter, PRANKS!!, and over all GIVING of yourself! You are a generous, kind, funny and great-to-be-with soul. I am blessed to have been included with the amazing group of women you pulled together for this week of joy! I will be recommending future Faux Retreats to many other faux friends!
— Ande Crenshaw 2013
Kathy, I can’t think of a week in the last 10 years when I have learned so much, laughed so much, cried so much and had the best time. All the participants and teachers had so much to offer and share so willingly. The friendships that were made during the week and support offered was more that I could have hoped for. I hope to continue to participate in next years events - thanks for everything - also all the wonderful business info and the great pictures.
— Donna Mock